Rihanna is absolutely wildin’ for respect for the 2012. LOL! Allow me to explain. By now, we all have heard the controversial remix to Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake,” featuring her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. As we also know by now, Chris is currently in a relationship (and has been for years) with a model by the name of Karrueche. What you may or may not have known is she is Vietnamese. On the “Birthday Cake” remix, Rihanna threw in an interesting line: “Sweeter than a rice cake.” Odd, considering rice cakes aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think of cake…even more odd considering we know Kae is of Asian decent. Could have been just a line though, right? Well, now we’re even more inclined to believe that it was in fact a shot at Breezy’s girl, considering what Ri put out on Twitter at 2a.m. this morning. Look at her tweets below and see exactly what I mean.

Marisa Mendez

Exhibit A:

“I’ma make you my bitch.” Innocent enough…it’s a line from Ri’s own song. But wait…it’s a line from Birthday Cake…and the picture is a RICE CAKE…that just so happens to be wearing earrings and shades like Kae does?!

Rihanna’s Rice Cake


Then the icing on the cake

Ugh, really Ri?! As much as I do think you and Chris would be cute together (spare me the old ish…people DO change)…I don’t think Kae deserves to be dropped like that. It’d be bad enough as it is, but the fact Rihanna is disrespecting her SO bad, it’d make it even worse for Chris to do that. What do you guys think? And again, we don’t even know if Chris would. I hope not! Not yet, anyway.