In 2 days(March 7th) Apple Will make an Announcement, and It is Widely believed that announcement is Directly correlated to the iPad 3, and We believe(know) that too, But we might just have a bit more information than that, which you should really hit the Jump to Read for yourself!!!


We at IFWT have received some information that feels pretty credible(at least to us), but we can’t divulge Who said what(since we want future info), But let’s get to what we know/Figure/Heard, Then I’ll tell you What We’ve Learned:

1. We know Apple is making an Announcement on March 7th

2. We Figure it’s about the iPad 3

3. We Heard the iPad 3 will Be Awesome; Hi-Res Screen, HD Camera, iOS 6, Bigger App Sizes, It will Cost MORE than the Ipad 2 did(about $70-$80 More).

Now Here’s what We Learned:

The Announcement is Wednesday March 7th, But The iPad 3 will be in the Apple Stores March 16th or 17th!!!! Apple Employees are currently being Trained to sell the device. We also learned that Many iPad 2 cases have been sent back to make room for the iPad 3(Cases), because the iPad 3 is Bigger Than the current(yet Previous) Model.

Now…..Now that you have ingested that info(and believe us, which You should), let me break down everything I just said, well Really just a couple things aren’t self-explanatory;

Bigger App Sizes – iPad App Sizes are Doubling in Size, this is directly due to the NEW Hi-Res Screen, If the Screen can read way more Information, than they will offer way more info to fit the screen, but here’s the catch, IF you want All of your Favorite Apps, and those Apps are Bigger in file size, you’re gonna need an iPad with More Gigabytes, so You might need to get a 32gb, or 64gb, instead of the 16gb you had(if that’s what you had), or were thinking about. Now with that being said, the NEW iPad will cost you more, so Now that you know you may have to get more gb’s, get your $ right, then add $70 to $80 to that, and have it ready by March 16th(or 17th), IF you want to be one of the 1st. :-/

Also, IF this is Your Re-Uping to a NEW Version of an existing iPad, You will have re-equip yourself with all the accessories, cases and such, since like we said, the NEW one is slightly bigger!! Now let’s see if the damn cases are more $ too.