With the imminent Announcement of the iPad 3, People are thinking about getting rid of that ‘old’ model, and just passed the Jump, you can see the 10 best places to check out about getting Cash for your passé Tech.


Thank God for 9to5mac, they are the Sh*t!!! Ok let’s get to the Info we Need:

10 Best Ways to trade you ‘older’ iPad for some cash to help towards your NEW iPad;

Yes, craigslist is Loose, now way to know what you might get for your current iPad, but if you have the time to make a FREE post on there, and wait for someone to respond, then wait for you guys to actually make a deal, send each other what you need, then you’re good with Craigslist!!

Not widely known, but apparently reliable, with the fact that it will send you a check OR Credit, BUT that credit is in-store credit, so you probably want the check!!

Apple’s Recycling Program
Oddly enough, Apple’s own program makes it in at Only #8, and you will get an gift card, but that should be fine since your trying to get an Apple device! But you will get said card by mail, and it will either have $160 on it(iPad 1), or $270(iPad 2) as longs your device is 64gb’s, 3G/Wifi, and in white -_-

Now you can get a Pretty penny for you dirty old iPad, as long as it has all of it’s cables, charges and such, AND as long as you’re good with them charging you some Fees, you might get any where between $190 and $410, maybe.

Best Buy
They actually just started this a few months ago, but a whole bunch of people completely Love Best Buy(including Me). They use condition practices, mean if you Pad is in Good Condition(with accessories), You can get about $190 for a 1, yet $170 for a 2, weird But still, at least you know they not taking any BS in!!

Game Stop
Half way there, “I’m Thinking Game Stop”, Some people don’t like it, But I Love it, No on line trading, You have to go in to a store, get it inspected, and you can get anywhere from $160 to $340!! Good Luck, Not that you need it!!

Ok, I don’t feel like you need to know if you need me to tell you how ebay works, So just know, you can possibly get $190, and $410.

Appaently People Fux with Gazelle more and more, and they lie Gazelle has a number of ways to pay out, and if all goes well with them, that pay out can be from $152 to $310, So Great Luck with that!

Ok, I know you’re like “Who??”, but check this out, NextWorth will give you Cash, and they are tied to Target, Clean!!! $169 to $436, Do your thing!!!

Once again, I don’t have to tell you what’s up with Amazon, Just know they are the #1 way to sell/Trade your iPad, and you can get $290 to $500, So Handle that ASAP!!!