Bow Wow almost went off the deep end due to the infamous “fake RT” over the summer, and now Kreayshawn is the latest victim of the cruel joke. The fake RT is a simple concept. An influential tweeter will simply type “RT”, the person’s @ name and whatever stupid thing they want to make them have said. They’ll usually add their own astonished comment in there as well. Today they had Kreayshawn saying “Sometimes I wish slavery was still going on.” It couldn’t be confirmed or denied by those that don’t follow her because some time ago, she’d locked her account to make it private. After that first fake RT went viral, another one quickly spread. This one made it look as though she was trying to clean up the last one, yet still being equally as “racist.” “Gm guys, last nite someone hacked my page,” it read. “i am sorry. i love FRIED CHICKEN! Forgive me.” Obviously this caused another uproar but all the while, her page was still locked so nothing could be confirmed. Finally the “real” Kreayshawn stood up, and unlocked her Twitter so she could let everyone know the real deal. Check out her tweets below. Next time verify with the REAL source before you guys blow up at these celebs!

Marisa Mendez