Deborah Fisher, a 58-year-old Louisiana woman was jailed Thursday after she allegedly stored her dead father’s body in an ice chest for years while she collected his Social Security chest. Police say Fisher’s father died up to two years ago. Click below to read the rest of the story.


But instead of reporting her father’s death, Fisher cut off his hands so he couldn’t be identified and then stored his decomposing body in an ice chest inside her apartment. The man’s amputated hands were then stored in a box that was kept in her freezer. Investigators say Fisher and her roommate, 44-year-old Heidi Todd, went to police to report the incident after Sheriffs deputies paid a visit to her apartment. Deputies were called when Fisher refused to allow apartment maintenance workers to enter the apartment. Police believe the two women refused to report the 83-year-old man’s death in order to continue cashing his Social Security checks. When deputies found the man’s body, it had begun liquefy. Investigators believe the condition of the body indicates that the man’s body had been decomposing for nearly two years.