Would you go to a virtual concert? Well in Japan Miku Hatsune is making more money that some human entertainers. Weird right. Check out the story after the jump.




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Japanese pop star Miku Hatsune has a career many aspiring singers could only dream of. She’s been performing in front of sold out crowds in the past few years, the most recent of which being her four shows in Tokyo last week attended by 10,000 adoring fans. But Miku isn’t like any other pop star in existence — she’s a computer-generated virtual celebrity.

Miku is part of a line of singing synthesizers called Vocaloids; she just happens to be the most popular one among all the available characters. Any indie composer can purchase these programs, and create songs using their robotic voices. Whenever Miku holds a concert, it’s actually a matter of projecting an animated holographic 3D image of her character singing and dancing on stage.

If you’re still wondering how a virtual pop star performs, check out the video above to watch Miku during her concert in 2010.