Now, when I say Hot, I’m not talking about the Heating issue’s iPad’s are apparently having, I mean STOLEN!! Over 200 Hundred Thousand iPad in 4 days, legally purchased in 10 countries, and Smuggled into China, which makes them Hot! Hit the Jump for the Full.


The Chinese city of Shenzhen has seen a 100% increase of the NEW iPad, especially since Apple products are Not supposed to be sold at all in China. If you don’t know, and you may not, Shenzhen is on the Border of Hong Kong, and some say there more than the 200k iPad’s expected to be there. The Price for an iPad ranges between $1,580 and $80 above the regular price, and between the purchase and travel(smuggle) cost, they may only be making $20 per unit, but over 200k unit’s means about $4 Million…Niiiice *Fab’s Voice*

You want to know the Real funny/Ironic part, the City of Shenzhen holds one of Foxconn’s Biggest factory, and Foxconn is the actual maker of the iPad….LOL Alrighty then.