Lol, No I did NOT misspell the word ‘Dooors’, this is the NEW biznezz, besides the Homie Wilmajor putting me on to it, and the Team trying it out last night, it’s been going around instagram(which has proven to be an indicator of what’s NEW & Hot), And when you go to ‘Top FREE Apps in the App store, it’s #2(just behind my Fav “Draw Something”), Hit the Jump in case you don’t know!


1st to All Android user’s, this is another iOS Only App, So I’m gonna need y’all to like Fall Back for a sec!
Ok the object of this game is merely to get through the Door, and all though that seems simple, as the game progresses it becomes a lot less simple!
I was able to go from the 1st door to the 12th without too many issue’s then it started getting a little complicated, looking for hidden items, or moving my iDevice a certain way, OR a particular combination, and as of right now I’m only on Door 16, and between this game and Draw Something, it’s hard as hell to get my work done, So my advice to you is, be careful!!!