“I swear no one told me I couldn’t carry these on.” That’s not a real quote, but stuff like this makes me wonder, Why!? Who in their right mind would bring 2 fetuses on a flight. Get the full story after the jump.


Daily Mail Two human fetuses that were to be used in a ‘religious ceremony’ were found in luggage coming from Cuba by customs agents at Miami International Airport, according to police.

A Miami-Dade spokesman said today that the fetuses were found on January 30 in the bags of two Cuban-American women – one who was in her 60s and the other in her 70s – returning from Havana.

Police say customs agents spotted one fetus when they X-rayed a clay jar and found the second when they opened the jar. One was male and one was female.

The fetuses were to be delivered to someone in Miami and used in a rite for the religion Santeria, which is a mixture of Catholic and African beliefs widely practiced in Cuba, according to the Miami Herald.

The two women claimed they received the jar in Havana from a ‘babalao’ – a Santeria priest – and were asked to deliver it to someone in Miami, an airline industry official at MIA told the newspaper.

But they insisted that they did not know what was in the jar, and were not charged with any crime.