I mean, I know I’ve said it was coming when a loose notification hit My Galaxy 10.1, But as of Today, the Official Temple Run is in the Official Google Play, Hit the Jump.


Ok You know how it works, or at least have a friend with an iOS Device, and they have bragged about How fun this game is, and it really is addictive, well don’t worry, the Fun is Now Here for everybody(as long as Everybody is on iOS, or Android), the Game Play is the Same, and all I can say is “[email protected]$%, now it’s gonna be Harder for me to focus”, I mean damn, I can play “Temple Run” on my 10.1, I don’t know how iPad’ers got anything done!! Instagram coming to Android is the next Big Android Announcement I expect to drop on y’all, as soon as I get my Early invite 0_o

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