This Is kinda TOO FAR!!! It’s one thing to watch the words students say in class, or somewhere on School grounds, But watching their Twitters, even if they shouldn’t be swearing, maybe the school should alert the parent that they’ve seen the kids twitter with curse words on it, but to go as far as to expel them because of something they did off school grounds is completely and utterly ridiculous, and someone should be let go behind it(at least I think So). Hit the Jump to see whats going on.


Ok a High school Senior(practically a grown man), Austin Carroll, used the F word, I man come on, he didn’t threaten anyone, or want death for anyone, and they Expelled him, really?? Apparently this idiotic Indiana ‘Garrett High’ tracks students tweets, once the student has used a school computer to login to their account, the computer then keeps a record of what goes on in that account, So when a student does something from home, the computer reads it as it happened on school grounds, BUT that is NOT cool, because students need to grow and be there own people, So come on with the Big brother Shit.(I would have gotten expelled if I were a student at this school, I would purposefully tweet all kinds of Crazy Shit, short of threats). ALL of the Students from this school should Tweets profanity at the same time, jam that computer up, I mean is the school gonna expel everybody?? I’d like to see that!!!