A NEW study has been released, Facebook’s NEW timeline feature(which I haven’t heard too much Good feedback from regular user’s) is apparently a good thing for some of your favorite Brands…But is it really Pinterest?? Hit the Jump.


Although these are preliminary results, It seems brands are getting 46% More engagement from facebook’ers on Facebook, which is absolutely soothing Brands are wanting!!! It seems though this engagement is directly correlated to photo, and video content, which suggest it’s not really the brand user’s are stressing more, it’s the eye pleasure. the researchers are wondering if is due to Pinterest user’s are pinning Brand content posted on facebook, which really suggest that Pinterest is winning, and Facebook is a byproduct at this point. The great news is really that one(not just brands) needs Facebook to host the content, for it to be pinned, and seen by the rest of the Web!!
Here is a look at the increase in engagement: