Nope, that title is not an April Fools’ Joke, Diggy released a new freestyle that takes direct shots at J. Cole. During the first verse, Diggy goes in on people questioning him about his family but there’s no doubt that the 2nd verse is directed at Cole. Apparently Diggy’s angry about Cole’s “Purple Rain” lyrics and the assumption that Cole is talking about having intimate relations with Vanessa Simmons. In my opinion, Cole’s lyrics could be about any girl whose father is a Reverend. Cole also referenced Diggy on his song “Grew Up Fast” saying “you more Diggy, I’m more Biggie.” In my opinion Cole’s lyrics on “Purple Rain” could be about any girl whose father is a Reverend but because Cole and Vanessa both went to St. John’s University together I guess people are assuming it’s about her. It seems as if Diggy is attempting to boast those album sales, but he might be doing a bit too much, we’ll have to wait and see if Cole responses. Listen to Diggy’s “What You Say To Me” below.