I mean since we announced it, I’ve been witnessing Straight Abuse….On Both Sides, either iOS User’s are sh***ing on Android user’s, OR Android User’s are jumping Instagram and breaking iOS protocol(mad rude), but either way it’s been crazy!!


Here are some Pics iOS AND Android User’s posted on Instagram today, Battle Style!!!:

I really Need to know what’s going on here, What the Hate for Android User’s from iOS user’s, and Why are Android User’s being Rude on instagram just because they are finally on??? Take this Poll to give me a better understanding;

How Do You Feel About instagram???
I\’m an iOS User, and I hate That they let Android On!!!
I\’m An iOS User & I Don\’t care If Android Is On!!!!
I\’m An iOS User & I Love Android User\’s!!!!
I\’m an Android User & I\’m Mad instagram JUST Let Us On!!!
I\’m an Android User & I\’m just trying to use the App
I\’m an Android User & I want NOTHING to do with instagram!!!!

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