Nike+ Fuelband is On Fire Out Here!! If you’re trying yo lose weight, Or just stay in Shape, and you’re apart of this Mobile Revolution/Post PC World, Then Nike+ Fuelband is where it’s At!!!! I’ll have a full review to let you know How to use it soon, But I need you to Hit the Jump to See Angie Set up hers!!! S/O Dawn Baxter From NIKE!!!!!!!!


So This is Angie Hooking Up the App that goes with the iPhone(to Stay Mobile), And Dawn Making sure all the steps are Done(Classic Angie, She didn’t need the Help);

Then Angie watched as Dawn Set up the Web Part(S/O Drewski, as he was paying attention);

Ang Is Very Happy to Have the Nike+ Fuelband to help her track All of her Hard Work;

S/O Dawn Baxter from Nike once again, and Like I said, I will have a review of the Fuelband coming Real Soon!!!!