Need to catch some cool shots while under the water? Well hit the jump to check out the Tat7 case which allows you to take shots underwater.




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Go under the sea with your iPhone safely tucked away in the TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case.

Generally, the beach and technology don’t mix. You’re just begging for your electronics to get ruined by sand and water.

To save your day at the beach and ensure that you get those oh-so-important Instagram shots, we recommend taking a look at the TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case. The TAT7 is made out of clear polycarbonate and comes with a hinged opening on the bottom. If you look at the photos, you can see double gaskets that keep the water out once the phone has been put in the case. According to TAT7, the case works up to a maximum depth of 30-meters (about 100-feet).

You’ll notice three buttons on the case; these help users access basic touchscreen photo and video controls. You’re more than likely not going to be able to Tweet your undersea adventures but at least you’ll have some high-res photos of the journey.

We will note that the case will cost you a hefty $84.95, but it’s still a pretty cool idea especially with summer and ensuing vacations on the way.