The futuristic augmented reality glasses prototype showcased by Google this week could be closer to launch than previously thought, as the company’s co-founder was spotted wearing a pair of them at a recent social event. Tech pundit Robert Scobletweeted last night a photo of Sergey Brin sporting a pair in San Francisco, saying “The Google Glasses are real!”

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Google revealed its futuristic dream to mass-produce the hybrid glasses in a video showing the metallic glasses frame with a thin device above the right eye that can display information typically handled by smartphones, such as taking pictures, checking the weather, getting directions or scheduling meetings.

The video is titled “One day…” and Google didn’t indicate when Project Glass would be available to the public. Earlier reports scooping this story indicate it could be by the end of the year for $250 to $500, but Google is keeping quiet on such dates.

With Sergey Brin wearing a prototype of the glasses in public already, it’s possible they are closer to launch than the video concept let slip. Scoble also noted that Brin “wouldn’t let me wear the Google Glasses but I could see they were flashing info to him,” and “they look very light weight. Not much different than a regular set of glasses.”

What’s interesting about the Google Glasses prototype Brin was wearing is that although they looked self-contained, he was wearing a backpack during the charity evening – which some speculate it could have been some sort of battery pack to power the unfinished prototype.