A 47-year-old woman was arrested after she offered sexual favors in exchange for two McDonald’s double cheeseburgers and a $40 tip. The woman was caught after she approached an undercover police officer who brought the cheeseburgers and then arrested her. SMH. Read more below.


She was lovin’ it a little too much.

Manatee, Fla. resident Christine Faith Baker, 47, was arrested after she allegedly offered sexual favors for two McDonald’s dollar-menu cheeseburgers, according to the Miami Herald.

An undercover officer invited Baker into his car on Friday and started talking about sex. Baker allegedly said that her fee was two McDoubles — the dollar-menu version of a double cheeseburger — costing a grand total of $2.75.

Of course, Baker was also allegedly looking for a tip of another $40 for her services, the Bradenton Herald reported.

The detective bought the burgers and drove to a vacant lot, where other agents arrested Baker on charges of prostitution. It’s yet unclear whether she was allowed to eat the delicious doubles before she was taken to jail.

Baker was released on Saturday.