Hacktivist group Anonymous is rumored to be starting a new campaign against China to speak out against human rights and government corruption. Do you think it will be effective to bring change? Details on Anonymous after the jump.




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The hacker group Anonymous has its sights set again on China. Anonymous plans to launch more attacks on Chinese government Web sites in an effort to highlight corruption and push for human rights improvements, a member of the activist group told Reuters today.
The comments come after Anonymous, a loosely knit group of hackers, infiltrated hundreds of Chinese government sites last week. Messages posted on the compromised sites warned of the downfall of the Chinese government, although no central government sites were compromised.
The group commented to Reuters through its Anonymous China Twitter account.
Anonymous hinted at taking down the walls that block social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as YouTube and other sites that the Chinese government believes requires censorship. The group told Reuters that its China group consisted of 10 to 12 hackers, most of whom do not live in China.