LOL, Sorry, but I only ask because they put the simplest video on youtube yesterday, they want to know if you know how to add contacts in your phone 0_o
But I feel like they really had another purpose for posting that Vid, Hit the Jump to see the Video, then hear me out.



Ok I believe they Mos Def know you know how to add a contact, I think they are just trying to remind us that they are out here, and we should stop fading on them, and Actually use Tango. I think Viddy & TOut, & Socialcam has them nervous, Being Video Social Media is on the Rise. Plus iOS users enjoying FaceTime, and Google+ users using Hang Out, I mean there are just so many options now, they just don’t want to be forgotten. Has to be that, because anyone whom can’t add a Contact, should NOT be using an App like Tango Anyway!!!!