I found this via a News report, and have to say….Not Bad, I would have to have friends interact with it to get a better sense, but so far I like it!!! Hit the Jump.


Watch This Vid real quick to get an idea;


Now What I like is, they have Web access as well as an iOS app, AND an Android App!!!!
That means all bases are covered for staying in touch. The other thing I like is the Messaging part, it connects people via email, and sms, although the sms part is a little intrusive, but you don’t have to use it. I also see you can hyperlink a search result in the conversation via Google or Wikipedia.

So you can contact Anyone in your address book, and even if they don’t have LiveShare, they will get the message. Conversations sync across Mobile in Web for real, like instantly.
The only thing it doesn’t have is filters for the pics, which I don’t always use. It does however do multiple shots in one post which is pretty cool, and the ability to hyperlink things from the web into the conversation is really tough! Now the location services end or ‘breadcrumbs’ is Google Map infused, which is always reliable, BUT I don’t really use location services, so thanks but no thanks. OH let me not forget, you can also unfollow a conversation if it get annoying, and it will not show up on your home page!!
Over all, IT’s kinda cool, it’s like a mix of Twitter, instagram, and pinterest all in one Great bundle. It will probably take some time to really take off like an instagram, or pinterest, not to mention twitter, But I believe it has a place in the Social marketshare!!!

Find me on there (Tat’s LiveShare) and let’s ‘chat’!!!!