Skype which was actually acquired by Microsoft a couple of years ago has finally released the app for Windows smartphones. Hit the jump for details on Skype for Windows phones.


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I have to keep it 100 as I usually do, I am NOT a Windows phone fan, But I will say the Nokia version looks promising, and I would appreciate someone with a windows phone over say a ‘Text Box’ aka a Blackberry, so check out the video and tell me if it would encourage you to get a NEW Nokia???

In case I confused you, ‘Text Box’ is my NEW Cool name for BB’s, it just sounds better, and that’s what it really does now, or at least that’s why people say they still have them, and I quote “I only have it because I’m waiting for my contract to run out and I needed it to email and “text” So….’Text Box’….You should call them that too if your friends see you on one…”Ohh this, This is a NEW simple device called a ‘Text Box’, until I get the iPhone 5 or Galaxy 3″….See doesn’t that SOUND cool??? Ok Watch the Video about the Official Skype App for the Nokia Windows phone;