I knew Viddy was gonna do it’s thing and I’ve seen this Movie before, once an App Hit that Top 25, it’s a matter of time before they are at that Top, and let me tell you…Actually, let me show you after the Jump exactly what spot they are at now!!!!


Peep it, They are Sharing Space(actually ahead of) Instagram, which is interesting because they are known as the Video Instagram!!!
My Homies at Drawsomething are Currently at #8, but They were at #1 Long enough to sell for a mere $180 Mill(Plus the $30 Mill a year for Staff), And My Homies at Viddy are Currently At #2, so Let’s Help them get to #1, Tell everyone you know about Viddy!!!!!

BTW, I downloaded Deerhunter to see why it’s #1, lol which is prob why they are #1.

While I’m at it, Here are some great Viddy’s to look at: