It is an unbelievable amount of Money, in a short 4 months Mobile accounts for a whole lot of money, and making the World economy grow(which is Much needed), and proving how everything is going Digital!!! Also I need to let you know the US accounts for 40% of All Smartphone sales, So that Digital Revolution is Here in the US!!!


This is also the 1st time that the world has seen more communication through Apps over SMS(texting), which has created about $400 Billion in ad sales, BUT wait, that’s NOT the number I wanted you to guess!!! The Magic Number is…..1.5 Trillion in Mobile Revenue….Whoa, I need a piece of that!!
Here is a graph showing last years full numbers, in which Mobile did 1.4 Trillion, But that was for the while year, We are just about to hit May, we still have 7 months to grow o_0

Let’s see what happens. Go ahead and go to TechCrunch for the full report