I witnessed this with my own 2 eyes, It got crazy, I couldn’t get my device out of my pocket fast enough, in NYC you see cab drivers get into arguments all the time but actually they rarely get into physical matches, But this time it went down….oh and pardon my language as I defended myself from the driver that noticed he was on camera!!! Hit the Jump.


Ok let me break this down a little bit, as I was getting off of my Hot 97 radio producer job, and going to my car, I saw the 2 taxi drivers arguing, it was quite at 1st, I almost didn’t even stop to watch, then one got louder than the other, and apparently it was over one jumping in front of the other to steal a fair, I heard the words “we all do this, leave me alone”, and the other said “No man, that’s not cool” so then the bigger one started pushing on the smaller one, BUT the smaller one didn’t just let it happen, an before you know it, the bigger one actually sucker punched the smaller one, and it was on cause the little one hit him back….And that’s where the video starts!!! Enjoy…once again pardon my language, but the cab driver that was talking ish to me was the bigger one that start the fight and acting bully-ish, and I wasn’t having it, if you hear me I said “I’m not him homie”