A New Jersey-based tanning salon banned tanorexic mom Patricia Krentcil from its eight locations — even posting her disturbing picture in each outlet to help employees recognize the well-done woman. Every other tanning salon should follow their lead and ban her as well. Click below to read the rest.


“It’s 100% true,” said a worker at the headquarters of Planet Sun Tanning Salon, which does business within a short drive of Krentcil’s home in Nutley, N.J. “She’s banned.”

Most workers wouldn’t need a photo to pick the impossibly-dark, unnaturally-colored 44-year-old woman out of a tanning bed lineup.

Krentcil became fodder for late-night comics after her arrest last month on charges of child endangerment for taking her 6-year-old child into a tanning booth.

The leathery defendant repeatedly denied the charges, insisting that the case was a mistake and she would be exonerated.

But she also admitted taking her tanning way too seriously, with up to 20 visits per month in an effort to maintain her unhealthy glow.

Krentcil was already barred from a salon in her hometown after the charges were filed. New Jersey law bars anyone under age 14 from visiting a tanning salon.