What was supposed to be a beautiful and awesome weekend turned into a horrific scene. A new bride still wearing her wedding dress was found stabbed to death in her bathtub. Click below to read the rest of the story.


Less than two days after her wedding, authorities found the body of Estrella Carrera, 26, on Sunday, in a suburban apartment in Burbank, Ill., the Chicago Tribune reports.

On Monday, an autopsy ruled the death a homicide. Local police believe Carrera’s murder was the result of a domestic-related incident.

The woman married Friday night — an event her family says was sudden.

“This just happened out of nowhere,” Carrera’s cousin Jaime Lopez told the Tribune of the wedding. “It was so fast I couldn’t even make it to the celebration.”

Another cousin, Sandy Lopez, said Carrera called her Friday to invite her to a party, but failed to mention that it was a wedding.

Carrera, who had a 9-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son, had been in an on-and-off relationship with her husband — the father of her youngest child — for about three years, according to Sandy Lopez.

Sandy Lopez told the Tribune she didn’t approve of the relationship, but didn’t elaborate.

“He’s just a person who had problems,” she said.

“She was a beautiful mother, person, sister.”

The husband, who has not been identified, is believed to be a 30-year-old Chicago man, KDAF-TV reports.