This is A Premium Radio App, and to be honest, I’m a little Jealous because I had this very same idea about a year ago, but they obviously were working on it longer than that, And could possibly put satellite radio out of business, and Give Terrestrial Radio a Great Advantage!!! Hit the Jump.


So let me explain what I was saying, the only advantage sat radio has is if you travel, you can listen to the channel you want without having to search for a station, BUT those channels are kinda generic, and doesn’t have that local flavor that you are used to when you travel. You know what I mean, if you’re traveling, you want to hear how the local station sounds compared to where you live, to see who is Better!!! Well Rest your self, the Answer is here, in an App called TuneIn, And the Best Part, It’s WORLDWIDE !!!!!!! Let’s take it for a spin:

Ok as you can see I use it on my iPod, But it’s great on iPhone, Androids, and they are even gracious enough to put it on the Dying Blackberry, just in case you still haven’t advanced yourself -_-
The 1st thing that happens is your device will set up for Push Notifications, then you will need to add location services so it knows where to look for local(AND I am not a fan of location based Apps, But this is definitely well worth it!!):

Then you get options immediately, you can find whats Local, OR find the Station you know and Love already;

So You know 1st thing I did was check for the Greatest Hip Hop Station in the World, Hot 97, and there wasn’t Just the station, but also podcast from all our Great Jocks;

So I ‘Tuned In’, and Yup, the station was Playing, Clean!!! Now take Notice, you have options straight off the back, you can buy SJ Tix, or share the station you are checking out, or add to a lists;

Then I checked out each podcast page;

Now as you can see in the last pic, I hit the add to preset button fooling around, so I wanted find where my presets were, and I did, Boom, Empty;

But before I preset up, I wanted to find the fabled Summer Jam Channel, which technically is a historical 1st, a stations channel dedicated to a yearly concert….But that Concert IS world renowned, So I get it, then I got it, And Hot 97(added to My Presets, so I can Always get to it!!);

Remember that share option I mentioned, well this is what that option looks like;

Then as within anything else, I checked the Settings, They have car mode, with is really just the same thing but a little easier to just press a button so you don’t take you eyes off the road for too long, and your option to make an actual account, which you don’t need, but will help find other people that use it;

Then there is an option to upgrade Pro, not sure if you need it, but it’s def an option(prob will get rid of ads), And there is an alarm(Your Clock Radio is Finished!!!!!);

Listen, Let me tell you, this is one of those Apps that will be useful like ALL the time, and eventually, the way we listen to radio overall, especially when Apps hit the car radio from the WiFi everywhere! Watch!!!!!

Get it Now in;

iTunes – Pro

Google Play – Pro