Miley Cyrus is talking about sex a lot lately… she’s definitely shedding her good Disney image (you go girl) ! Click below to read more of what she thinks about sex.

Melissa Nash

Miley Cyrus is talking ALL about sex these days!! And we are LOVING it!! It’s about time she shed that Disney facade… oh wait, she did that A LOOONG time ago.
Doesn’t matter!! Because this is still as juicy as ever.
When it comes to making the subject a taboo, she scoffs, saying:
“It’s the only way we create, and it’s the only way the world keeps going. So it’s ignorant not to talk to your kids about it or [not] make it seem as magical or cool as it actually is. [Kids] have a TV, so they know what sex is. So educate them and let them know … it’s a beautiful thing, and it is magic, and it’s when you connect with somebody. And it isn’t how much you’re worth. Your worth isn’t based on that, your worth is based on how you feel about yourself.”