Ex-presidential candidate John McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain is being bullied on Twitter.  She made an appearance on a political show in which she criticized the republican party which her father is a part of.  I guess people thought she would absolutely agree with that party since her dad is part of it.  Because her lack of support to the republicans , haters went on Twitter to directly insult her. They called her fat and suggested she be a stripper, smh. Hit the jump to see what else they said.

Steph Bassanini

Meghan McCain has been attacked by Twitter bullies, labelling her fat, ‘a whore’ and suggesting she kill herself, in a vicious stream of abuse.
The daughter of Republican Senator John McCain, who refers to herself as ‘socially liberal’, sparked the hateful backlash after she criticised the Republican party on MSNBC’s Politics Nation show on Thursday.
Minutes after the program, extreme-right members of the party took to the 27-year-old’s Twitter page to unleash a barrage of nasty tweets, calling her ‘a whore’, ‘a pole dancer’ and ‘a waste of good boobs’
‘At what point is this clueless whore (attention whore, but I wouldn’t doubt
the other kind too) going to shut up?,’ user @PatDollard tweeted while another user declared: ‘If @mccainblogette’s daddy wasn’t a senator she’d be a pole dancer in Phoenix.
‘@McCainBlogette is what the leftist MSM wants to make Americans think fits the conservative label, she doesn’t, she a lazy little bitch,’ said one follower.
Others poked fun at her weight, calling her ‘chunky’ and suggesting she had criticised the Republican party on Al Sharpton’s show because she had ‘missed snack time’.
‘We know how she gets when she misses snack time!!!’ the user added.
McCain tweeted in her defense, insisting she was ‘a tough bitch’.
But in an article for the Daily Beast today, McCain, who worked with her father on his 2008 presidential campaign, admitted the nasty name-calling upset her.
‘You would think that by now, having gone through a presidential election with my father in 2008, I would be numb to this kind of name-calling,’ she wrote.
‘But I’m not. It hurts, it rattles me, it (understandably) concerns my mother, and it keeps me up at night.

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