The legendary porn star Jenna Jameson and her legendary UFC fighter fiance Tito Ortiz went to court recently to protect themselves from a stalker named Shana Burroughs. Click below to read the full story.

Melissa Nash

The porn queen and legendary UFC fighter Tito Ortiz were in front of a judge recently, but this time their domestic quarrel wasn’t with each other!
They asked the courts to grant an emergency restraining order against Shana Burroughs, a friend of theirs who — according to the filed legal documents — stalks them, tempts them with Oxycodone, and then steals their valuables!
And she’s been doing this for FOUR YEARS!!!
Yikes. With friends like those…
Tito is a big, strong, scary, tough guy… but he’s understandably freaked out because this crazy chica is frightening their kids and tempting his lover with a drug he claims she previously abused.
Nevertheless, the judge denied their request and the couple will have to try again at another hearing on June 15.