Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher announced their split way back in 2011, but here we are almost halfway through 2012 (can you believe it?) and the divorce is still not finalized. It’s definitely not because of a change of heart, though. Details below.

Marisa Mendez

“There has been speculation for a while that Demi and Ashton were never actually legally married and that’s why they haven’t filed divorce papers yet,” a source exclusively tells

“Some people think that they were just married in a symbolic Kabbalah ceremony and that they never actually filed the paperwork to make it legal,” the source explains.

As previously reported, Demi and Ashton had a reconciliation at Rabbi Berg’s birthday party in May.

An eyewitness said their reunion was an emotional one, with the couple “locked in a 60-second embrace,” at one point.

However, even though they were friendly to each other at the party, there are apparently no plans for a reconciliation.

Ashton has reportedly hired famed divorce attorney Laura Wasser, but neither he nor Demi have filed papers yet to formally dissolve their six-year marriage.

“It is strange that they haven’t filed their papers yet,” the source says. “Demi was adamant about splitting with Ashton and everyone thought it would happen at the end of the year. Then when she went into rehab no one expected her to file. But now that she’s out and doing better some people around her are surprised that she hasn’t taken steps to end the marriage. They’re wondering if the reason they haven’t filed divorce papers is because there aren’t any to file.

“Or if it is a just simple case of Demi not being able to bear to actually pull the trigger and still hoping against hope for a second try.”