The mom of eight has changed several careers, but she has settled on working the night shift.  She will become a stripper! Hit the jump for details about where she’s booked.

Steph Bassanini

Gentlemen, put your hands together and welcome to the stage … OCTOMOM!!!!

That’s right … sources close to Octo tell TMZ she has booked a gig at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL for her first stint as a stripper. We’re told Octomom will do two shows a night from July 11-15.

But it’s not all good news — or maybe it is — because we’re told that while T’s Lounge is all-nude, Octo will only be going topless. And if you were hoping to take Octo back to the champagne room, that’s not going to happen — she won’t be doing lap dances.

According to our sources, Octo has felt “sexually liberated” since filming her solo porn (due out this summer) and decided stripping would be a good way to promote the upcoming video.

We’re told Octo will make be making “thousands” from the gig … not all in singles