William Clyde Gibson is a convicted sex offender that decided to plead guilty by writing a letter to his local newspaper.  He was arrested for strangling 3 women and let the paper know that he has no problem receiving the death penalty. They probably won’t have a problem with that either, since he sexually assaulted and sodomized these women before ending their life.  Hit the jump for details.

Steph Bassanini


A man accused of killing three women told a local newspaper that he will accept the death penalty – adding, ‘After all, I am guilty.’

William Clyde Gibson III, 54, of New Albany, Indiana, wrote in a letter to The Courier-Journal that he told the prosecuting attorney that he would plead guilty, ‘just to save some more heartache.’

Gibson was arrested in April for strangling Stephanie Kirk, 35, and Christine Whitis, 75, along with the stabbing death of Karen Hodella, 44.

The convicted sex offender responded this week to the Courier-Journal‘s request for an interview with the letter.

He refused to sit down and discuss the case with the Louisville, Kentucky publication.

Gibson is currently being held at the Floyd County Jail in Indiana.

In his letter, Gibson told the reporter: ‘I would be more than happy to write back to you any questions you may have for me.’

However, the accused murderer would only answer questions via mail, he went on to say.

Not guilty pleas have been entered on Gibson’s behalf.

His attorney, chief Floyd County public defender J. Patrick Briggs, told the newspaper he intends to ‘vigorously defend him.’

Gibson is charged with capital murder for the deaths of Ms Kirk and Ms Whitis. Both women were sexually assaulted and sodomized, police said.
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