Season 5 of True Blood has begun! The popular vampire show is as gritty and sexual as ever. Hit the jump for a foreshadow(spoiler alert).
Steph Bassanini

The waiting sucked, but wipe away those blood-filled tears because HBO’s True Blood is back and it’s just as awesome as ever.

If you haven’t viewed the season 5 premiere yet,  then stop reading because major spoilers lay ahead after the jump.

Celebuzz runs down its top 5 favorite moments from Sunday’s episode:


Tara is a Vampire!
Rutina Wesley’s character was brutally shot in last season’s finale, and it wasn’t so much that she was turned into a vampire that was surprising (we knew she would still be a series regular), but the fact Pam agreed to be her maker was pretty shocking.

‘In(Vamp)Centuous!’ Eric Had Sex With His Sister
Definitely didn’t see that one coming. In the preview, we saw Alexander Skarsgard getting hot and heavy with a brunette, but color us shocked when it wasn’t an ex-fangbanger friend, but rather a relative. Still, no complaints about that scene here: “A Naked Eric” is a “Totally-Fine-By-Us Eric.”

All Pam, All the Time: True Blood One-Liners of the Night
Kristen Bauer absolutely stole the episode. From “f–ktard” to “super snatch,” Walmart-dressed Pam killed it on the premiere with her extra sassy vocabulary.

“Super snatch became our favorite phrase to use on set,” Bauer laughed while talking with Celebuzz at the premiere party. As if we weren’t in love with the cast already.

Jesus Lives (Sorta)
Jesus and Layfayette (Nelsan Ellis) are one of the show’s best couples, so part of us died when Jesus croaked during the season 4 finale. However, his missing body leaves us tons of hope. Plus, the fact co-star Kevin Alejandro (Jesus) teased, “no one is ever really dead in Bon Temps” when Celebuzz asked if he would be back this season.

Sookie Stays Single
Hey– it’s just for one episode so far, but that’s something! Not only does Anna Paquin‘s character go cold turkey when it comes to Eric and Bill, but she somehow passes on Alcide (Joe Manganiello), too.

Once Alcide learns that Russell is at large he goes to Sookie’s house and offers to take whisk her away under his protection. Are you stupid Sookie? (Have you’ve seen his abs?!) The Sackhouse siren declines his offer, mostly because Tara is laying in her backyard about to turn into a vampire. But also because of that otherminor detail of murdering Debbie, his longtime love.