As I was watching a Number of Tech Blogs On How Great All Apple Things are gonna be in the next few months, And All Looks Great….Except this Burning Questions That did Not get Answered, and If you’re Not sure what those are, Hit the Jump!!


Uhhmm, The 1 I have to get to 1st, of course is….THE NEW iPHONE!!

I’d like to start by saying since Apple didn’t give us an official word as yet, I don’t know if it’s the iPhone 5, or the NEW iPhone.
We didn’t hear peep about it, But the WWDC does have a few More days, although, I don’t remember them having another Big Announcement time(or gathering) during the week, bu there could be a 1st. Maybe they are looking to keep Eye on them for the week, OR Maybe they LOVE how the Net is rampant with Rumors and they want to keep you guessing. Maybe since it’s really Not Due out til Fall(which I Have BEEN Saying since last year), they will just keep quit until then, I’m just not sure until we get an official word(which today should have been that time) So I’m just as confused as the rest f you guys 0_o
I will say the enhancements of iOS 6 do provide a blueprint on how Great that 5 WILL Be though!!! And See this Quote from Tim that Makes me feel great about it Def Coming(Pause)
It ships this fall, supports 3GS and greater iPhones, 2nd generation iPads and newer, and the 4th generation iPod touch

Now Some other things ppl were asking about;

Still have not heard a peep about iTV, and Will Apple Actually jump in the TV Manufacturing Biz, I know IF they Do, it will be yet another Apple device I want in my Home, But we will have to wait and see 0_o

iPad Mini;
I am really starting to think this was a NICE rumor, But with Apple you never know up until you KNOW, so we will keep an eye to the (Tech) street, and an Ear to the (Tech) ground on this…Once again 0_o

Ok I can’t think of any other talk that would be as good, OR need to know about, But Hit Me up and Ask, so I can See if I can find what you need(as if I could Call Tim C., But I LOVE researching, So….).