Have you been out of the loop with the whole Chris Brown/Drake fight? If you have, click below for the full recap of what happened.

Melissa Nash

We’ve been trying to update you with every bit of information regarding the Chris Brown/Drake Incident that happened at Club W.I.P in NYC. This is what we’ve reported so far (I’m going to try and break this down in the most organized way I can);
First, we reported that Chris Brown threw some shade on twitter at Meek and Drake and posted a photo he of his busted chin. Then, we posted photos of the club scene, Meek’s tweets about the situation, as well as a Club Promoter/witness’s tweets of what happened. After that, we posted a video of Drake leaving his hotel before he went to the club. Next, we posted photos of Chris Brown and Drake moments before and after the brawl. And then, we reported that Chris Brown’s bodyguard had been injured, and we posted photos of him from the hospital. We then posted an audio account from a trusted eye-witness, and then posted new information that Chris Brown tweeted about the fight. After that, we reported that an innocent bystander got hit in the head and injured by a flying bottle. We also posted a video of Meek Mill, Drake and Chris Brown leaving the club after the altercation.
Since then, we’ve reported that Chris Brown has been talking to the cops and got his lawyer to approach Drake about the situation. We’ve also reported that NBA star Tony Parker got injured from the brawl, and that Chris Brown’s bodyguard actually got hit by friendly fire that night.
So now, we’re learning that Chris Brown’s boy was sending Drake death threats before the altercation. We’ve also recently learned that Chris Brown sent Drake a bottle of Cognac as a peace offering, and then Drake reportedly sent Chris a note back saying “I’m f*cking the love of your life!” Let’s see what else we find out about the case, hopefully there will be a clean resolution to this messy incident!