Things continue to look downhill for Zimmerman. Early today, the calls between him and his wife Shellie while he was in jail were released to the public, and they don’t help his case at all. Details below.

Marisa Mendez

(GG) – In the phone calls we can hear George and his wife talking about moving money from one account to another, at his instruction. In addition to the jail calls, prosecutors also released Zimmerman’s bank statements.

Last month prosecutors convinced Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. to lock Zimmerman back in jail and to charge Shellie Zimmerman with perjury after they proved she lied when questioned about the money under oath.

Corey’s office alleges that Shellie knew she and her husband had access to $130,000 that had been donated by supporters responding to his request for help on his website.

Initially, Corey’s office was set to release 151 Zimmerman calls, but after defense attorney Mark O’Mara complained, they slashed the number to six.

In one call, Zimmerman asked his wife-

“In my account do I have at least 100?”

Shellie Zimmerman said: “No.”

Then he asked: “How close am I?”

She said: “$8.00, $8.60”

Zimmerman responded: “Really? So total everything how much are we looking at?”

Shelly said: “Like 155.”

Prosecutors said that is code for $155,000.

In one discussion Shellie talks to George about money transfers saying- “I’ve already done it twice today, into each.”

The Zimmerman’s seem to tiptoe around talk of finances as Shellie said- “If we have to pay the piper later down the road, that’s fine.”

The conversations continued as George told his wife on her handling of finances, bills etc- “Good job, babe. I’m proud of you.”

George and wife discuss how to get him out of jail if given bond as Shellie says- “We could have two cars, we could have two rented cars.”

And George replies saying-

“It doesn’t matter if car that picks him up from jail has tinted windows…Well, I have my hoodie.”

This comment was meant to be a joke as he chuckled slightly however his wife didn’t laugh. The hoodie comment refers to Trayvon who was wearing a dark hoodie when Zimmerman shot him.

Zimmerman is currently sitting in a Seminole County Jail as he has plead not-guilty to second-degree murder charges, claiming self-defense. The next bond hearing is set for June 29th.