Sabrina B.

West Coast rapper Game’s Los Angeles Lakers may be out of the playoffs, however, the sports fanatic has now revealed what team he’s rooting for in the Oklahoma City Thunder/Miami Heat NBA Finals. Game said the Heat’s Chris Bosh is all the reason for him to go behind OKC. Check out why…

“I gotta go for the Thunder because you know my n*gga James Harden, Russell Westbrook, them LA n*ggas, young boys. I gotta ride with the Thunder, man,” Game said in an interview.

“I can’t f*ck with Chris Bosh anyway. I don’t like that n*gga. Nobody like’s this n*gga’s face, man. It ain’t even nothing against D-Wade and Bron-Bron, I don’t like Bosh’s face. I can’t have that n*gga get an NBA championship holding a trophy with that face.”

(“G-Unit Radio”)