Someone in hip-hop finally took the easy and SMART way out! Instead of doing a bid for something so silly, Flavor Flav stepped up the plate and avoided jail time by paying the money he owed in back child support payments. Details below.

Marisa Mendez

As TMZ reported, Flav was in deep trouble … facing 180 days in the big house after falling behind in child support payments to the tune of $111,186.

But moments ago, Flav appeared in Albany County Family Court … sportin’ his trademark giant clock around his neck, of course.

The court clerk tells us the Public Enemy hype man “took care” of his child support issues with Angie Parker — the mother of 3 of his children. The court would not reveal if Flav paid off the entire debt.

The next court date is scheduled for September — when the judge will make sure Flav is keeping up with his child support obligations.