Doctors save a woman’s baby after she was run over by a car in Houston. Right after she was struck the baby was delivered by an emergency C-Section.  Hit the jump to read about the condition of the baby and more details.
Steph Bassanini

A postdoctoral instructor who was seven months pregnant was struck and killed while crossing the street – but her baby miraculously survived.
Police identified the woman as 30-year-old Jennifer J. Young, who taught mathematics at Rice University in Houston.
Her child was delivered by emergency C-section and remains in critical condition.
Houston police said that Ms Young was crossing near the intersection of Main St and Cambridge around 9:20am, the Houston Chronicle reported.
She was reportedly struck by a grey Acura MDX that was driving down Main, though police said the vehicle had a green light.
They also confirmed that she was seven months pregnant.

After the accident, Ms Young was rushed to Memorial Hermann hospital, and was pronounced dead.
However, doctors managed to save her child, who is currently listed in critical condition.
Houston police said the car next to the Acura stopped in the intersection, but the Acura continued on, striking the young woman.
They held the driver of the Acura for questioning, but they were later released.
The investigation for the case is on-going.
Ms Young was a bright postdoctoral student teaching at the Computational and Applied Mathematics department at Rice University.

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