The UK has a burgeoning car market filled with all sorts of cars we don’t get here. So to get buyers’ attention, automakers need to make a real splash. To that end, Skoda has erected a fresh take on one of the island nation’s oldest landmarks… only in a more automotive form.

Funk Flex

Dubbed Citihenge, the installation is inspired by the ancient Stonehenge in Wiltshire, recreated out of old cars. It was built over the course of three months under the direction of renowned installation artist Tommy Gun, and put in place in less than 12 hours. Using eighteen scrap cars weighing a total of 36 metric tons, each of the henges measures five meters tall by five meters wide and is made to withstand force-12 hurricane winds. Still, it can be entirely recycled.

The installation was erected on the south bank of the Thames next to London’s famous Tower Bridge just in time for the summer solstice, and marks the arrival of the Skoda Citigo (the Czech version of the Volkswagen Up!) in the British market.