It seems as though the erotica novel ’50 Shades Of Grey’ has taken over the world. If you don’t feel like reading the book but you want some insight, hit the jump for some of the best sex tips from the book.

Melissa Nash

Fifty Shades of Grey, the erotica novel that just can’t seem to stay on a store shelf for long, has raised more than eyebrows this year. The books have been bought and devoured all over the country, leaving millions of readers hot, bothered, and… twiddling their thumbs? Fifty Shades has enlightened millions to the idea of BDSM, but lacks an instruction manual for those of us who want to do something about it. All the fun shouldn’t be left to characters in a book. Fifty Shades of Pleasure [Skyhorse Publishing, $12.95] is the new companion guide that lets readers experiment with their own spicy tricks.

This helpful how-to is a perfect beginner’s guide into the realm of kinky, naughty sex. Whether you want to get up close and personal with riding crops and studded spanking paddles, or just want some inspiration to keep your rendezvous from going stale, Fifty Shades of Pleasure is just the guide. Its witty, lighthearted tone makes it a great read, while simultaneously easing the bondage-curious into expanding his or her sexual repertoire.

Check out these nine hot tips taken from Fifty Shades of Pleasure, and make your own sex life a best-seller!

1. Business & Pleasure
First thing’s first: snag yourself a hot young multimillionaire entrepreneur (or someone to play the part). Then dramatically clear your desk for some desktop nookie!

Have your partner sit at a desk, then sensually straddle a leg over his lap and seat yourself on the desk’s edge right in front of him. Have him stand, then wrap your legs around his hips to help him slide into you. Lay back on the desk, and either keep your legs around him, or stretch them up and over his shoulders for deeper strokes!

2. The Barehanded Benchmark
If you have never felt the tingle of a fresh smack, it’s best to start with the basics: your bare hands. Doing it barehanded will inspire a new side of your sex life that is stingingly sweet. So warm up those palms and scoot up your bum, and let the spanking begin!

If you want to be on the receiving end but are uncomfortable with asking directly, move your partner’s hands to your hips during sex, and slowly bring them to cup or squeeze your ass.

If you want to spank, you can always ask first, or show your intentions with body language: caress or massage her ass, and when you’re getting really into it, give her a swift–but not too swift–smack to the bum. Your partner’s response should let you know if you have the green light or a halting red stop sign. When you have the OK, try spanking multiple times in a row with a slow, firm rhythm, either open-palmed or with your palm slightly cupped.

3. The Rubdown
Feeling sore? A post-spank cool-down is always a good idea, and is a sweet way to follow a HOT spanking and make sure everyone is having fun. Lay the spanked partner on a soft surface, and lightly caress her along her back and thighs, and slowly, gently massage her bare bum. Rub massage oils or calming creams on areas that were given the most attention during the spanking to reduce soreness and increase circulation.

4. Tied Up and Teased
First you need a partner, and something to tie him up with. There are plenty of things you can find around the house for this purpose: scarves and belts work well, especially to start, and you can’t go wrong with a silk tie! Keep the bindings snug but with a bit of give, so that your partner is comfortable and can wiggle a bit (or thrash around passionately!).

Once your partner is securely bound, don’t head straight for home plate (or third base… listen, forget sports, just don’t let anybody finish yet, is what I’m saying). This isn’t just an excuse to feel your partner up unhindered, although you can certainly do that too! This is your chance to touch him the way you know he likes it–and if you’re not sure, this is a great time to figure that out, with all of your attention focused on him. Listen and feel how your partner responds, and use your words to find out specifics: “Ooh baby, do you like it when I use my fingers better–or my lips?”

5. Fancy Rope Work
If ropes get your motor running, you’re in luck! There’s an almost endless number of ways to tie someone up, as long as you have enough rope and a willing partner. These tricks come with the typical warnings: be smart, use common sense, and don’t ever leave your partner tied up alone.

Hog Tie
First bind your partner’s wrists together, then their ankles. Then grab another rope and run it through the bindings around the wrists and ankles, drawing their wrists and ankles together either behind their back or out in front, only as much as is comfortable. Now review your work: you have a neatly-tied gift laid out in front of you! You may not actually be able to have sex in this position, but the classic hog tie is more for looking sexy than for practical purposes!

Fasten each wrist to the corresponding ankle. The bound partner can lie face up, with her arms by her side, which pulls her ankles back and apart, or she can sit up or be propped up against a headboard.

The Ball Tie
Lay back on the bed, then pull your knees up to your chest, like you’re curling up into a ball. Wrap your arms around your legs, and have your partner secure your wrists together, and voila! With one small binding you are now an incapacitated ball of sex, you sexy thing, you.

6. Basics of Blindfolding
Being blindfolded is a simple but powerful trick to spice up your sexy time: it keeps out distractions and heightens your other senses for a double-whammy of sensation!

Your blindfolded partner should then lie back as you begin. He won’t be able to see where you plan on touching him next or how, so be unpredictable and use light, soft touches. Use your mouth to add more sensations, trailing kisses down his stomach or sucking gently on his earlobe before blowing a shiver-inducing breath of air across his neck. As you and your partner climb closer to orgasm, you can choose to take the mask off, or ride your masked partner into the sunset!

7. Ben Wa Balls
This accessory has been around for ages, and goes by many different names, including Venus Balls, Geisha Balls, or, to cut to the chase, Orgasm Balls. The shape of the balls and the weights inside them make the Ben Wa balls move and roll in a way that many women find quite stimulating!

Lubricate the balls either with some personal lubricant or with your mouth. Gently slide them into the vagina. Once they are inserted, walk around and test them out. Try “wearing” them around the house as you go about your business, or during foreplay–almost any movement that will make the balls move and roll will create new, interesting, and toe-curling sensations.

8. Rub Up Against Me
Fabrics or materials can create different sensations as they are rubbed, dragged, or flicked onto your body, and you can use a variety of materials to get just the right reaction from your partner. This works even better when your partner is blindfolded!

Gather a variety of different materials: old favorites like silk and fur, feathers, or fabrics like fleece or fine cotton feel soft and sensual, so use them to stroke your partner’s erogenous zones. Be a tease; use a feather or silk to trace a path down your partner’s torso, drawing circles around his abdomen. Use rougher fabrics like leather and denim for a different effect, or brushes, from paint brushes to rough-bristled combs, for even more sensations!

9. Propping It Up
The Move:
With every good thwap to the ass you or your partner enjoys, more blood flows to the very sensitive nerve endings in the cheeks, which also means more blood flow and impact are sent to the very sensitive nerve endings located right next door.
The props you and your partner use don’t need to have blockbuster production value. You can use household items, like classics such as a hairbrush or a ping-pong paddle. Both of these items are easily wielded, and while they’ll certainly pack some punch, they won’t do real damage.

If you’re buying your props, you can choose something sweetly sensual or nastily naughty: a fur-lined paddle softens the sting of spanking, and can also be used to massage and caress a defenseless bottom, but for something with more zing, studded paddles are the take-no-prisoners approach to dishing out a good thumping. With these tools under your belt (you can use that, too!), your armory of sexilicious spankers is well on its way!

-By Marisa Bennett at The Huffington Post