Most people think hazing is a college-greek thing. But, as of lately, it’s happening in high schools as well. Four students & their teacher have been arrested for their alleged involvement in sexual hazing assaults that took place at their high school. Read the details after the jump.

Gernique N

FONTANA, Calif. (KTLA) — Police arrested an Inland Empire high school teacher and four students Saturday, claiming they were involved in sexual hazing assaults in a school classroom during summer school sessions.

Fontana Unified School District officials notified police Friday of a hazing incident involving the assault of at least one student, who sustained minor injuries, according to a news release issued by the Fontana Police Department.

Upon investigation, district officials learned that several students and a teacher initiated the hazing before contacting police, according to the news release. The alleged hazing occurred in a single classroom at AB Miller High School involved a single summer school class that began on May 31, according to the news release.

Police believe that teacher Emmanuel Delarosa, 27, facilitated the hazing carried out by students to “limit behavioral problems within the classroom.” Police have not released details regarding the hazing incidents, citing an on-going investigation.

Fontana detectives had interviewed “numerous” students from the summer school class and determined that there were four students who actively participated in the “assaults,” police officials said.

Delarosa had knowledge that the assaults took place and in at least one instance, he may have directed students to assault another student “due to behavioral issues,” according to the news release.

Police do not believe any other district employees were aware of the assaults. They also do not know if the hazing occurred during prior classes Delarosa taught or if other students were victimized.

Officers arrested Delarosa on suspicion of child cruelty and booked him at West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga. He posted $100,000 bail early Sunday morning and is now free.

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