Sabrina B.

You’ll find very few Phoenix Suns basketball fans happy with the departure of star player Steve Nash, but some are taking their anger to the next level by destroying their Nash memorabilia. 

Hours after the announcement that Nash would be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Suns’ division rival, videos started emerging of upset fans burning Nash’s Suns jersey.

ABC15 went around town to gauge fans’ anger, and find out what they would do with their Nash jerseys.

“I would probably first draw little devil horns over ‘Nash’ [on the jersey]. Pour gasoline all over it, and take a match and light it up,” self-proclaimed “former Nash fan” Bre Davis said.

Many fans, like Davis, said they had been with Nash since the beginning of his tenure in Arizona, and now feel betrayed.

“I would take a scissor, cut right here,” Laura Posteraro said, snipping with her fingers down the collar of her Nash jersey. “And then rip it right down the middle. He could have gone to any team, and he chose the Lakers?! Our arch-enemy?! Are you serious Nash? We’ve got business to talk! What are you doing? That is the most hurtful thing any player could have ever done.”

Other Suns fans were more understanding, telling ABC15 they would keep their Nash jerseys and cherish them.

“I would probably rock it as a vintage,” fan Chris Pistone said. “Him leaving, it was a little bittersweet. I’m happy for him because he’s going to get a chance to actually, possibly get a run at a championship, and I think he deserves it more than anyone.”

“I’ll just be grateful for the time he spent in Phoenix, and being very successful with our basketball team, but I don’t necessarily have to wish him luck in the Laker jersey,” saddened Nash fan Tom Martin said.

Spotted at BSO via WRITTEN BY Steve Kuzj & FULL STORY HERE – Photo via David Morgan