Sabrina B.

Jason Kidd can never question whether or not Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki is really his friend.  It seems before Kidd decided to head to New York, he was set on staying with Dirk and getting the most that he could out of a return engagement with the Dallas Mavericks.

Well a couple of funny things happened with that situation according to the Dallas News. The first was the Mavericks lost the Deron Williams sweepstakes and the second was that as a domino effect, Kidd got cold feet.

When he spoke with Nowitzki gave him a straight shot of honesty.

“I changed my mind, and Dirk understood,” Kidd said. “When we talked, he said to go to New York.”

As stated, Deron Williams’s decision played a VERY big role in the outcome of why Kidd changed his mind.

“Deron, I thought he brought up some very valid points on why he didn’t go to Dallas,” Kidd said. “If it’s just him and Dirk and something happens to Dirk, then Deron’s all alone.”

Certainly it could not have been just his backpedaling inner voice and Deron Williams that would push him into leaving a team he sat on the championship podium with.

“I went out to play golf and I just didn’t feel right,” Kidd said last week. “I talked to my wife and to Jeff [Schwartz, his agent] and they both said, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it.”

It seems that Kidd obviously didn’t take this decision lightly and spoke with his support system to ensure that heading to New York was the right thing to do.

Regardless of whether or not it was Dirk being a good bro or not, there is something very telling in the fact that he would not push Kidd into staying.

Is it that he doesn’t see Kidd’s contributions as being that vital? Or did he basically do his boy a solid and let him get off what could be a struggling Mavs train guilt free?

Those answers will continue to unveil themselves soon enough.