Over the weekend, RapRadar blogger/writer Brian “B.Dot” Miller voiced his opinion on the current radio war going on in NYC. He said that instead of me focusing on the other station, I should be concentrating that energy on breaking artists that are overlooked. I told him to get me a list, and we’ll get those artists on the air and see what happens. After the jump, check out the songs he’s picked and hear his call with Flex to see which track he picked for the air!

Funk Flex

1. Trouble “U Don’t Deserve Dat”
2. 360- “Own Thing”
3. 3’D Natee- “No Love”
4. Curren$y “Chasing Paper”
5. “Kush & Leather” – L.E.P. Bogus Boys
6. Angel Haze “New York”
7. Big Krit “I Got This”
8. Lupe “Around MY Way”
9. Mac Miller “L.O.U.D.”
10. Super Jay “Put It On The Set”