It looks like Kelis owes a lot of money in taxes… Guess how much? Click below to find out!

Melissa Nash

Oh for goodness sake!
As if the tax problems Kelis currently has in New York weren’t enough, the singer apparently ALSO owes Uncle Sam some serious dollah dollah bills to the state of California AND the federal government!
So yes, not only does the Milkshake singer owe $330,426.71 on the east coast from 2004-2010, but according to new legal documents, she owes $61,737.29 in taxes in Cali, AND $213,932.02 to the feds from 2009-2010!
Yeah, that’s $606,096.12!
Time to get that new album out, gurl!
And we’d also suggest a serious promotional tour!
Those bills ain’t gonna pay themselves!