As I reported yesterday, rap legend Lord Finesse has decided to bring a $10 million lawsuit against Mac Miller for his 2010 song “Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza.” The song used the beat from Finesse’s 1995 song “Hip 2 Da Game”, but was a mixtape cut…thus, not sold for money. However, Finesse feels Mac ultimately profited off the song because it “launched” his career and he should pay because he used his beat. Mac took to his Twitter following news of the suit against him, and spoke out against the decision. Mac ultimately said what we’re all thinking: he made the record to pay homage. He even revealed he and Finesse had spoke on it shortly after the record came out and it was nothing but love. He also made a valid point that Finesse never cleared the ORIGINAL sample that’s in the record! Still, Finesse is full steam ahead and took to his Twitter to clarify exactly why he’s doing it. See what he had to say below.

Marisa Mendez