A day after challenging Kobe Bryant to a game of one-on-one Kyrie Irving breaks his hand.  The reigning Rookie of the Year has wowed spectators during Team USA scrimmages and is a key piece to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  In what he deems as a “freak accident”, Irving injured his hand slapping it against a padded wall during Cavs practice.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

Apparently people think he had an Amare Stoudemire situation ala the fire extinguisher which caused him to send out these tweets.

According to the team the injury occurred after Irving committed a turnover towards the end of practice.  He was in Vegas practicing with the Cavaliers summer league.  Irving will return to Cleveland to be examined by team doctors today and is likely to undergo surgery.  Although the full extent of the injury is unknown, they expect him to be out for 6-8 weeks and possibly return in September.